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He was asked to present it at the association’s executive council meeting that was held in Springfield last month. “I was nervous to present to IPHA, but they had very clear expectations and gave me feedback the whole way,” Greene said. “When the membership meeting approved the resolution, I was in tears because I know that safer injection sites could save so many lives.” Kunal N. Patel, assistant professor in NIU’s School of Health Studies, said he is focused on using coursework to drive real-life policy changes in Illinois. “Although this is merely one example of how students, academicians, stakeholders, and community members can work together to drive changes in improving the human condition, I fundamentally believe there are unlimited ways for academic institutions to ensure every assignment leaves a positive impact on our world beyond just the infamous gradebook,” Patel said. Patel said he couldn’t be more proud of Greene’s effort and results.

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LOUIS – United States District Court Judge Henry E. Autrey accepted a plea of guilty from Shannon Nenninger on October 12, 2021 for the crimes of conspiracy involving health care fraud, making false statement to a government agency, theft of government funds, and social security fraud. In September 2020, a federal grand jury indicted Nenninger and others.  According to the plea agreement, Nenninger, who was a former Anheuser-Busch In-Bev employee learned that Dr. Thomas Hobbs could assist her in obtaining disability payments from the Social Security Administration, Prudential Insurance of America Companies, and MetLife by exaggerating her medical conditions and claiming that she was totally and permanently disabled.  As a result, between January 8, 2013 and November 28, 2017, Nenninger paid Dr. Hobbs $6,100 for his efforts in exaggerating Nenninger’s medical conditions to qualify her for the disability payments. These fees were in addition to those charged by Dr. Hobbs for any medical treatments. While Nenninger claimed to be so disabled that she could not work, she was travelling internationally and throughout the United States, attending concerts, working in her yard, washing her car, going to various social events, and going fishing. Believing the misrepresentations to be true, the Social Security Administration and the private insurers granted Nenninger disability benefits.

101521_CharlieCarrillo02-rgb.jpg "This is our spiritual work," he said of the art form, which features many religious-themed art pieces. "And Christmas and winter is a big thing, when we sell most of our santos." The Santa Fe show will take place at Santa Maria de la Paz Catholic Church on College Avenue. Carrillo find out this here said he likes the idea of mounting the show in a Catholic church during the holiday season. As of Tuesday, Carrillo said, he had close to 70 artists committed to the show and room to add five or six more.  "We're trying to rock and roll," Carrillo said during a visit to the Abiquiú home and studio he shares with his wife, Debbie, just a day after a steady stream of visitors moved through the place as part of the Abiquiú Studio Tour.  The pressure is on. Carrillo said most artists maintaining traditional Spanish Colonial arts methods need well over half a year to prepare for a big show. Given he got the ball rolling in September, participating artists have less than three months to build an inventory for sale.  Carrillo said he was also motivated to bring the show back to Santa Fe from Albuquerque — where, he said, sales and artist participation were "disappointing" in 2019, before the pandemic struck.  He said that if the show is successful, there "could be" more independent winter art shows like this in the future.  Santa Fe santera Arlene Cisneros Sena said artists working in the Spanish Colonial style often take part in independently produced markets to "keep the traditional work of New Mexico big and educate the public as to who we are." "It is important to keep the traditions alive," she said by phone Wednesday. "It’s who we are. It’s what New Mexico is. It’s the only pace in the whole world, this teeny little spot in the world, where we do the work we do. And that is why it’s very important to do a winter show." Carrillo and several artists interviewed for this story said they have little or no concerns about the tradition fading away. Buyers continue to make purchases at market and online, they say, and there's no sign that the overall market for such art is hurting.  Berkley said Spanish Market artists who took part in July's show on the Plaza reported "good sales." She said that because those artists pay their own entry fees and handle their own transactions, market officials cannot keep track of exact sales numbers.  She said that if anything, there seems to be "renewed interest" in the art form.  Ray Hernández-Durán, a professor of art history and museum studies at the University of New Mexico, echoed that thought, saying interest is growing in both historical Spanish Colonial art and contemporary artists who keep the tradition alive.