Naira-Dollar exchange Also, we all know that in our academia, they are stuck with very old texts, which they regurgitate to poor students, year in, year out. Academic circles are almost impossible to barge into and change, because a lot of their ideas are dated and they don’t want any disruptors to upset the apple cart. So, we have a huge problem on our hands. The first zombie idea is the concept of some ‘invisible hand’ which comes and allocates resources. It is ‘invisible’, chiefly because it doesn’t exist. The ideas of Adam Smith have been challenged even though we still revere him anonymous in the circle of Economists. But economists have found out that only clumsy governments wait for invisible hand to properly allocate resources.
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Head coach Kirby Smart confirmed on Tuesday that Cochran is back in the building and working, this time in more of an off-field role. Will Muschamp, who had moved into the on-field role in Cochran’s absence, will remain there. “He’s back with us officially," Smart said of Cochran. "… Happy to have him back. Hopefully (we're) going to keep him safe and healthy throughout that process, during the recovery process, but we’re glad to have his energy and enthusiasm back.” Cochran became famous as Alabama’s strength and conditioning coordinator, then made the unusual transition to special-teams coordinator when Smart hired him away early in 2020. While Muschamp took over the role when Cochran left, coaching special teams remained what it was before: A staff-wide effort, with special teams analyst Robby Discher (formerly the special teams coordinator at Oklahoma State and Louisiana ) doing much of the preparation work behind the scenes. Special teams have been another strong point for top-ranked Georgia, which has blocked a punt for a touchdown, blocked a field goal and extra point in last Saturday’s win against Kentucky and ranks first in the SEC in kickoff coverage and second in the SEC in punt coverage. Punter Jake Camarda is also having another strong season. Smart also addressed the status of receiver Arik Gilbert on Tuesday, who has also been away from the team for unspecified personal reasons. “Arik is not back. He’s still his continuing his journey and hopefully going to get back,” Smart said.

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers Regardless of the result of Sunday nights game, there was one thing on every viewers’ mind: the condition of Darrell Taylor. With around three minutes left in the fourth quarter in Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh, Taylor went down with a head-neck injury that was hard to catch live but appeared serious upon replay. Taylor seemed to have been uncomfortably crushed underneath a Pittsburgh player. After a roughly 10-minute timeout, during which the face mask on Taylor’s helmet was removed and tests were performed by both Steelers and Seahawks medical staff, Taylor was carted off of the field and rushed to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s trauma center for further evaluation. Echoing what NBC’s Michele Tafoya reported during the broadcast, Pete Carroll was able to confirm after the game that Darrell Taylor does have movement in his extremities. Early reports suggest that the CT scan on Taylor’s brain has come back “negative,” although it’s unclear exactly what the extent of Taylor’s injuries are at the moment. Pete Carroll said CT scans were negative with Darrell Taylor and that he was moving his extremities after being taken off the field on a stretcher with his neck immobilized. So the early indications are positive. — Brady Henderson (@BradyHenderson) October 18, 2021 And for more positive news, the Seahawks confirmed that Taylor will fly back with the team tonight as opposed to staying overnight at the hospital.